Yinzerfest 2024

  • Yinzerfest flyer with macaroons.
  • black and gold flyer for Yinzerfest.  With all band names on it.

Project Description

Celebrating Pittsburgh, Amplifying Engagement

Yinzerfest, an annual four-day festival in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, celebrates everything that makes the city unique. When tasked with promoting this iconic event, we crafted a dynamic social media campaign aimed at driving event awareness, ticket sales, and vendor participation.

Strategic Social Media Campaign: Our team conceptualized and executed a comprehensive social media campaign designed to engage, entertain, and inform. Through engaging content, captivating visuals, and strategic scheduling, we captivated the audience’s attention and built excitement around Yinzerfest.

Facebook PPC Campaign: To amplify our reach and drive event awareness, we launched a targeted Facebook PPC campaign. Leveraging advanced targeting parameters, we reached potential attendees and significantly increased Yinzerfest’s visibility in just 60 days. Our strategic approach not only attracted attendees but also boosted engagement with the event page.

Effective Sales Funnel: Our sales funnel was designed to drive both ticket sales and vendor booth bookings. By creating compelling ad copy and strategically guiding users through the sales process, we ensured a seamless experience for both attendees and vendors, resulting in significant sales and participation.

At Our City Marketing, we take pride in our ability to deliver impactful marketing campaigns that drive results. Our work with Yinzerfest showcases our expertise in event promotion, social media marketing, and sales funnel optimization. By leveraging innovative strategies and creative solutions, we helped elevate Yinzerfest’s presence and success, cementing its status as a beloved Pittsburgh tradition.

Project Details